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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is the ONLY adjuster that is licensed by the State to represent you, the policyholder. Only a Public Adjuster can represent you and advocate on your behalf without any conflict of interest. Public Adjusters are free to fight for you as they are agents employed by you, not the insurance company.

What is the difference between an Insurance Company Adjuster and an Independent Adjuster?

An Insurance Company Adjuster is employed by an insurance company and is ultimately placing the financial interests of the company above yours when evaluating your loss. Independent adjusters are contracted by the insurance company to represent them and their interests. Independent adjusters might not properly advise you of your options resulting in a less than favorable settlement.

Do I need a Public Adjuster? Can I File Myself?

While you most certainly can file your own claim, you should consult a public adjuster first before making a costly mistake. Southeast Public Adjusters provides free consultations offering valuable information that will help you decide how to proceed. Many homeowners who choose to submit their own claims do not receive the full settlement they are entitled to simply because they do not have the claims processing experience needed to challenge their insurance company.

I Suspect a Sinkhole. What Should I do?

If you notice any signs of sinkhole activity on your premises, time is of the essence. Please contact our office immediately to schedule a free personal consultation. We will provide a complete and honest assessment of your situation. Early detection can prevent further damage. Our services can be critical to securing your full and fair settlement and protecting your property’s structure and market value.

What is the Advantage of using Southeast Public Adjusters?

Filing insurance claims can be a complicated process. We have the expertise and the resources critical to submitting a complex insurance claim and providing the supportive documentation to defend the presentation to the insurance company. We handle all the phone calls, the letters and documentation required throughout the claim process, so you don’t have to. Taking advantage of our free consultation will provide you with an honest assessment of your situation. We work exclusively for you, making your successful financial recovery our number one priority.

Additional Questions?